Randolph Engineering

Randolph Engineering is a true American Dream story. Started in 1972 by two Polish immigrants, Randolph quickly became the sole supplier of the classic aviator shape to the US military pilots. It was during a time where the classic American brand Ray Ban was dropping in quality and no longer made in the United States (and eventually sold to an Italian company). Randolph established a manufacturing facility in Randolph, MA that still operates today. When you see a celebrity wearing the classic pilot styles, they are almost wearing Randolph. They are the authentic item.

Recently, Randolph rolled out an ophthalmic line, the Randolph Foundry Collection. Not only are they made right in Randolph, but they are made from stainless produced in Massachusetts. Their quality is top notch. The amazing thing...they are under $200. 

Come see the Randolph Suns and the Foundry Collection.