Dillon Optics

Dillon Optics eyewear frames are available at Artisan Eyeworks in Ashland, Oregon.

Dillon Optics entered the highly competitive sunglass marketplace in the spring of 2008. Making it to market, however, has not been easy. Dillon first conceived the idea for NIR (No Image Reflection) in 1986 at a family owned machine shop in Scottsdale Arizona. The idea was to create a lens having clarity superior to anything else by diffusing and eliminating reflections within the lens. It took many years to get it right.

By summer of 1987 testing on the new lens produced results that suggested the concept might work but it was far from perfect. In order to produce a working lens many new methods of manufacture had to be developed – and they were. Weeks turned to months and months turned to years. In 1990 Dillon produced, for the first time, a lens that proved the concept worked. The only problem was that the method used to create this lens was far too complicated to manufacture. Making lenses is not easy – especially when new methods of manufacture have to be developed every step of the way. It took a long time to put the lens into production but the results are amazing.
Looking through a Dillon lens is an experience. They eliminate reflections that you might simply take for granted until you switch back to a pair without NIR. The most interesting thing about Dillon though is that nothing looks like them. The lenses are so striking that I literally whiplashed the first time I saw a pair in an optical shop. They have the appearance that the lens is painted, yet vision through them is extraordinarily clear.