Meet Dr. Michael Hoyt

Michael was born in Denver, Colorado. He is the oldest of four "meticulously planned" children whose ages span 20 years. The son of a job changer ("My father was an engineer who decided he really wanted to be a doctor."), he moved many times as a youth, eventually landing in Columbia, Missouri at the beginning of high school. 

He stayed in Columbia for undergrad, studying Agronomy at the University of Missouri. After a 7 month Co-op at Monsanto in St. Louis during his Junior year, he realized it wasn't a career that he was suited to and began to look elsewhere. It was a short quest. He decided to follow his wife Kimberly and attend Optometry School. "Along with marrying my wife Kim and the birth of my son Nathan, it's one of the three best things that have ever happened to me." 

During optometry school, he completed two externships, one at Evans Army Hospital on Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs and one at the private ophthalmology practice, The Eye Institute of San Antonio. After graduating Summa Cum Laude, he was selected to one of the most sought after Hospital Based Residency programs at American Lake in Tacoma, Washington. 

In 1993 he joined the staff of Medical Eye Center in Medford, Oregon. He and his wife were the first two optometrists to work in an ophthalmology practice in Southern Oregon. 

In 2014, he and Kimberly left MEC to start Artisan Eyeworks.