ProDesign was founded in 1973. Clean Danish design is the basis of their products but they always add a twist of something surprising – something unexpected. They balance classic and clean with bold and bright to continuously keep classic styles updated. Their aim is always to create eyewear that will create a synergy between the face and the frame. The frame and the face must interact to obtain a beautiful and harmonic look.

ProDesign brought the Danish aesthetic to the mainstream. It is simple, yet elegant. Think Midcentury Modern furniture. Think "The Jetsons".  

Although designed in Denmark, all of their frames are made in Japan. In the optical industry, the small Japanese factories are widely recognized for producing extremely high quality metal frames, particularly of titanium and stainless. Even companies that make the very best acetate frames will often outsource their metals to Japan because they can't replicate the quality in house. Made in Japan is certainly a mark of quality when stamped on a glasses frame.   

ProDesign is now widely imitated, but when you see the original, there's no mistaking the fact that the rest are simply playing catch up.