Routine Vision Exam

A routine vision exam is what most people envision when they think about a visit to the eye doctor, but it entails a lot more than just determining your glasses and contact lens prescriptions. 

Your refraction, the series of tests used to determine your glasses prescription, is the most important part to determine the best vision correction for both healthy and unhealthy eyes. We start the process using the Zeiss iProfiler, a combined auto-refractor, wavefront aberrometer, and topographer and the only device of its kind in all of Southern Oregon. We then carefully refine those numbers to achieve the best prescription possible for each individual patient. Even though it is a very important test, it is a small piece of the comprehensive examination your eye doctor will perform.

During the health assessment of your eyes we will look for many conditions including cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. We measure your eye pressure, screen for neurological condition that can impact the visual system, and carefully examine the outer and inner parts of the eye under high magnification.

It may be a "routine" visit to the optometrist, but it is actually a very detailed process designed to not only determine a glasses prescription, but to screen for a myriad of vision and possibly life threatening diseases.